Wealth Advisory

We offer clients independent, unbiased investment solutions that match the clients’ individual circumstances, risk appetite and desired investment outcome. Every piece of investment advice is offered to create value and build trust for our clients who have the final say.  Our advice is aligned to clients’ interest and offered based on a transparent fee model which we embrace to the benefit of our clients and us their advisor.

Wealth Discretionary

We offer clients bespoke asset management services where the day-to-day decision is handled by our portfolio managers. Our portfolio managers will take into consideration the clients’ return objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, time horizon, and their financial goals.  They have the discretion to make asset allocation and invest in funds and securities on the clients’ behalf. Our investment process consists of global macro and market research, asset allocation, funds selection, security selection, portfolio construction, and risk management.

Private Wealth Services

Private Wealth Services offers our clients uniquely seamless and joined-up services ranging from Family Governance, Philanthropy, Asset Protection, Legacy Planning, Foundations, and Family Office Support.

Alternative Assets

Real Estate:

  • Full real estate services including investments, commercial, retail, residential and industrial, leasing and sales, property/tenancy management in Singapore and across the globe.

Private Equity:

  • Alternative Strategies

Family Governance & Philanthropy

Family Constitution:

  • Customize the agreed structure and mission of the family business
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of family and non-family members
  • Develop and align policies and procedures with family values and goals
  • Identify and formalize a process to resolve critical business-related family disputes

Next Gen Training:

  • Make sure the next generation have the best chance to succeed
  • Training & education on issues such as financial literacy and wealth management
  • Coordination and organizing regular family meetings

Setting up of Charitable Foundations

  • Establishment and management of a charitable foundation
  • Advice on donation to meaningful charitable causes
  • Coordination and organizing regular family meetings

Asset Protection / Legacy Planning

Trust set up and Succession Planning:

  • Align with the long-term viability of the family office and the family it serves.
  • Establishment of trust
  • Continuity planning relating to unexpected disruptions in family leadership
  • SWOT analysis of senior/key members both within and outside the family

Tax Advice:

  • Make sure all parts of the family office are tax compliant
  • Personalize a tax plan that best fits the family

Family Office Support

Setting up of New Family Office:

  • Formation of Family Office (structuring, setting up of entity and drafting of documentation)

KYC and Bank Account Opening

  • Facilitation of bank account opening including KYC

Consolidated Record Keeping:

  • Ensuring proper maintenance of records
  • Monthly consolidating and performance reporting for family assets

Medical Concierge:

  • Connect clients with renowned hospitals and medical professionals through a wide network of trusted partners
  • Fast-track admissions and medical specialists’ appointments
  • Medical evocation and medical assistance for overseas travelers.
  • Bespoke medical concierge services